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Don Quixote (Cervantes)

by Conferences

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Don Quixote remains one of the most delightful and entertaining novels ever written. Everyone is familiar with the famous knight errant of La Mancha, even if they only know of his marvelous encounter with giants who happen to look and act like windmills. "Do you see those giants over there, Sancho?" "What giants, Don Quixote? All I see are some old windmills." Thus begins one of the many misadventures of the world's most famous and chivalrous madman. Don Quixote, the brilliant creation of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, has come to epitomize the noble and relentless quest for imaginary ideals.

In his first appearance at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in 7 years, Dr. David Allen White draws on his wealth of experience at the U.S. Naval Academy to bring to light a number of the profound insights hidden by Cervantes amidst the many humorous adventures which he devises for Don Quixote and his hapless squire, Sancho Panza. These conferences, which include lengthy and intriguing question and answer sessions with the seminarians, are treasures of delight which are bound to open to the listener's mind the unimagined riches to be found in this timeless classic.


released April 14, 2015

About the Commentator

Some men are born to teach. They have a breadth of vision of their subject and a gift to communicate effortlessly to their students the knowledge which they have attained. Dr. David Allen White is such a man.

Born to Protestant parents, he was first given a love of literature by a Catholic elementary teacher. He followed this love to college, where he got a B.A. in 1970 at the University of Minnesota an an M.A. the following year at the University of Wisconsin. While pursuing his Ph.D., he received the grace to accept the true Faith and converted on the Feast of St. Nicholas, 1979.

After receiving his doctorate from Indiana University in 1981, he was hired at the US Naval Academy, where he received the Outstanding Teacher Award in 1996. More importantly, he has been the instrument by which God drew more than 70 young cadets to the Traditional Catholic Faith.

He retired in January 2009 and is currently enjoying a well earned retirement between intermittent guest lectures.



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